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You Can Get Your Edge Back Because...
"Stem Cells Repair and Replace Damaged Tissue in an Aging Body."  This is just science!
Could a stem cell treatment work for you? Listen here for 3 minutes:
* A private call. We'll determine what you need to know and how to get it 


is the norm, every day, every call

This is NOT a group call

It's only with you
It's about using stem cells to get your edge back:
"Anti-aging treatments work. Why haven't you heard about this before?"
"How do you know which treatments are safe? (This is easier than you'd think.)
"What these treatments are effective for, and what not."
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Find out if you would qualify for a stem cell treatment and get a private and individualized analysis of your medical issues by a TEAM of MDs and medical specialists! 
What benefits are possible?
This isn't just a marketing claim: these are the benefits reported by patients for over 20 years:

    >>  higher energy level, exercise power and capacity to work
    >>  firmer and tighter skin, improved hair structure and growth
    >>  improved mental capacity, quicker thinking, better memory
    >>  subsiding of muscular, joint and back pain, and headaches
    >>  normalized functioning of internal organs
    >>  boosted immunity
    >>  stabilized metabolism, hormone levels and blood pressure
    >>  better sleep and the elimination of chronic fatigue
    >>  improved libido and sexual functions.

Why use stem cells to combat age-related decline?
As we get older, the self-renewing capacities of our body naturally decline.
We start looking older, and increasingly some age-related health conditions appear.

This happens for two specific reasons:
1) the stem cell reserves in our body naturally deplete, and
2) the remaining stem cells gradually lose their ability to multiply and replace aging cells with new ones.

Although aging is an inevitable natural process, lifestyle, nutrition, environmental and other factors may slow down or accelerate it, but no medicine can stop or revert it.

And this is why stem cell therapy, with the right protocol, is the most promising medical approach to reduce or reverse the effects of aging: those stem cell reserves get replenished. And the existing stem cells in your body get re-invigorated.

Stem cell treatments can help restore functionality in organs and systems; they can inhibit disease progression. The result is they can slow down aging and even bring rejuvenating effects throughout your body.

"My mental processes have improved. I feel that I can concentrate better, that my thought processes are clearer and quicker. Again, I seemed to be able to work long hours and still concentrate and work effectively."

Here's what one study showed
This is a list of the most frequent improvements reported 3 - 6 months post-treatment by 166 recent patients: (Each patient reported on one or more conditions based on laboratory findings, clinical parameters, and assessments according to standard scales.)

Greater physical power, energy levels and capacity to work    88%
Improved mental capacity and memory, quicker thinking    84%
Reduced anxiety and depressive disorders     65%
Loco-motor improvements     71%
Normalization of internal organs functioning    70%
Better metabolism    68%
Hormone level stabilization    58%
Blood pressure stabilization    40%
Better sleep, reduction or disappearance of chronic fatigue    89%
Improved libido and sexual functions     61%

Some of these patients reported cosmetic effects: greater skin tightness, elasticity and regeneration, and improved hair structure and growth.

“I had really bad discoloration in the bilateral upper cheek areas on my face. This is now almost completely gone..."

"My sexual capacity has improved dramatically. Several people have commented that I look younger. The treatment was very effective...”

“My energy level is much higher. I am now able to play 2 to 3 hours of tennis without undue strain and my body seems to recuperate more quickly."

There's more...
On our call, ask about topics you'd like more info on. Questions like
>>> What are the side-effects? The dangers. The contraindications?
>>> Why don't we have this treatment in North America?
>>> Could a stem cell treatment help [my specific medical condition] ?
>>> Where would I have to travel to?
>>> What costs are involved?
There's SUCH great info that you can have about how to actually Get Your Edge Back ~ from the inside out ~ using stem cells. You DESERVE to know about this!

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